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Forget about delivery

An end-to-end software for brands to help them manage their logistics from the factory to the hand of their final customers.


Built for developers

Nift is built by developers, for developers because better logistics is just a matter of better automatisation. We foster on a solution that can better integrate with any exiting solution, within minutes.


								POST .../charge/ HTTP/1.1

								Body Parameters :
									"src": "",
									"class": "nift-button",
									"data-keys": "pk_test_6pRNASCoBOKtOshFeQd4XMUh",
									"data-image": "/square-image.png",
									"data-name": "Demo Site",
									"data-description": "2 widgets ($20.00)",
									"data-amount": "2000"
									"StatementDescriptor": "Mar2016"