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A powerful tool, easy to use Responsive web app, iOS and Android

We are familiar with the numerous painpoints of supply chain management : lots of intermediaries, taxes, legal, customs handling, and all the time that you waste handling it.
Nift is built on experience. Within seconds, you connect your production facility to your final customers.

Become global, now!

  • Nift supports deliveries in more than 180 countries and your brand can sell wherever Nift goes.
  • Eco-friendly: avoiding the express shipping cross-border by warehousing your goods close to your customers has a strong positive impact on energy consumption.
  • Storage, close to your customers: warehousing the closest to you final customers saves you time, money and helps you avoid the burden of the customs.

Any type of business*

  • Experienced: We deal with a wide range of business types, from fooding to board games*complying to our rules
  • Scalable: Brands of any size use Nift to manage millions of shipments each year.

Highly resilient

  • Crowdfunding is part of our DNA, we know that managing a community is already a full-time job and we support you by bringing the tools and support team you need to communicate with your backers and reassure them along the entire process
  • eCommerce: with our strong and well documented APIs, orders come through your website to nift, to the warehouse and finally to your customers hands, painlessly.

Customer oriented

  • Thanks to our desktop and mobile applications, your final customers can track their order throughout the entire delivery process
  • Let your clients change their mind: The app lets backers and customers manage their orders before the fulfillment.
  • Nift provides strong customer support features, so you can interact directly with your customers and forward the issue to any of your teammates or directly to us.