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Incredible dashboard Responsive web app, iOS and Android

Managing your goods through nift is the closest experience you can have to physically seeing your goods and it’s even better.
You perfectly master the parameters to control what you have in stock and modify different parameters to optimize your stock.

Orders management

  • Through the API or with the easy importation (for crowdfunding) each of your orders go through Nift.
  • You have a perfect view of the preparation and shippings stage and so does your customer, thaks to the app.

Product returns

  • Easy manage the returned products and get the reasons
  • Check on the condition of the product and verify the issue
  • Setup a scenario depending the condition of your product

Particular requirements

  • Controlled temperatures for perishable goods
  • Expiration dates set up easily on the platform so that the correct product leaves the warehouse first
  • Wine and spirits: because regulation around those type of products is tricky, Nift is fully compliant with the latest certification

Set up rules

  • Stock alert letting you know when is the best time to reorder
  • Automatize replenishment